What We Do

Some still say, we do "everything". Yes we do everthing in technoglogy to make your excellent idea turn into reality. Lets put it in simple word, we do Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development be it Android, Microsoft Mobile, Apple iPhone / iPad or even your WebSite built in joomla.


It all starts with a great Idea, and we strive hard to achieve the best possible result.


Every problem is unique, so does the solution. A great level of creativity achieves ever possible result.

Round the clock

Our availability ensures you get the best service possible, be it any time.

Web Project Development & Management

There are too many techs, at least too many to focus on all of them. What we strive to achieve at e10 is very simple philosophy "Stick to basics but keep it updated, Regularly". We believe in some core focused items which helps us deliver results. These are trend in many successful companies and we think this helps us achieve the goals each and every day.

  • Don't Re-Invent the Wheel: There is no point re-developing anything which can be solved by already developed and solidly supported by its community. If we can use such code and give back to the community we must, it helps us as human society, company and individual all.
  • Don't Repeat yourself: Its pleasure to see how your tiny code and system can be re-used and implemented in different manner in so many different project. We try to keep the repeats to minimum.

So what we really do ? We do web project management. You may ask, why only web management ? because we see the web being the only stable future. We are very opinionated about it. We believe HTML and CSS are here to stay for very long time And with it, JavaScript frameworks to enable very rich and robust web. We are not big company, this being the one of the opportunities to be able to focus like we do.