Our Aim is to target traffic by Displaying Advertisment to the Website.

The online ad market has grown from using static JPG image banners to GIF banners and now Flash banners, which have smooth animation, exciting effects, engaging graphics and interactivity. Content and smooth animation can be shown all together in today’s animated display ads. They take less space on the web page.

The main aim of a display advertisement is to target traffic to the website that is publishing the ad. Like all other forms of advertising, it also aims at sales of the advertised product or services and creating brand recognition and awareness.

Display ads also load quickly onto a web page unlike video ads. Viewers become impatient when the web page loads slowly and usually leave the page. Display ads make a page load quickly, so users can see the page content and ads without any hassle. The biggest advantage and most beneficial factor of display advertising is branding.

Does Display advertising has an effect on user behavior even at low click through rates?

YES, However there are different type of display advertisements and display-ads.
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You choose to advertise in this category of websites because their visitors are your target audience and your ad is of topical interest to them. This type of advertising is best for raising brand awareness as it involves a long list of websites for your ad to be published on.

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With retargeting in display advertising, visitors who have already been to the specified website are served the ad when they continue browsing elsewhere on the Internet. This form of advertising is more expensive and targets a smaller audience, but promises a good end result as the viewer has already established an interest in the product or service by visiting the publisher’s website before.

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Your display ad matches the content of the web page and is of topical interest to its visitors. This type of advertising works best combined with category advertisement. Example: Placing display advertisements about the latest Jeep model on a car forum website.

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Behavioral display advertising targets a specific audience based on their web history with the help of cookies. This form of display advertising focuses on a smaller audience but provides more solid leads in the end

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In-line ads

These ads can be seen in a column on the right or left side of a web page and can be graphical with a link, or just text with hyperlinks highlighted.

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Pop-up ads

These ads are generated onscreen when you click a link or button on a web page. When clicked, a separate window opens over the page you are viewing. Some viewers find these ads intrusive because they have to click to remove them and return to the original page.


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