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The business world knows that the Web is one of the best ways for business such as manufacturers to sell their products directly to the public, brick-and-mortar retailers to expand their stores into unlimited geographical locations, and for entrepreneurs to establish a new business inexpensively. Navigation, search, contact us and shopping cart are four features especially important to consider at an e-commerce site.

The web site design was considered as a driver that could be traced from navigation and presentation. But as for any other website, design is highly dependent and controlled by the website audience and purpose, which means that content and services need to be provided in a way that is found to be appealing to a major audience.

Use your website to provide not only useful and interesting information about your products/services, but also about your entire niche market. The group that makes up a niche market always yearns for more information.


The Web opens up a whole new market for goods and services. It creates opportunity for a multifaceted arena that offers new efficiencies for sales, marketing, customer service, shipment tracking, inventory monitoring, and many other aspects of the total business model.

e-commerce barriers are rapidly tumbling allowing any business to have a credible web presence. An online store is a website where consumers buy products or services. This type of site is most commonly referred to as an e-commerce site or a “B2C” (Business to Consumer) site.

A subscription site targets a specific niche market that places a value on expert information, service, or a digital product delivered in a timely manner. Technical newsletters, access to research information, and graphics, music and computer game downloads are all examples of products and services that can be sold for a monthly fee, an annual subscription, or a small per transaction fee.

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