Get the best results for your business with e10 AdWords advertising campaigns.

AdWords is an automated auction. You write your ads and choose relevant keywords (a keyword is the search term – word or phrase – that a person searching on Google types in which will then trigger your ad). Then, a prospective customer searches and all the ads with keywords related to their search query are put into an auction, including yours.

The most important thing to think about when looking at your AdWords account is quality. Google rewards relevant, quality advertising with a higher position on the search page and lower costs, so making sure your ads are high quality is really important.

Basis of how AdWords works: you create high-quality, relevant ads that are useful to those people searching for your products and the Google system will reward you with a higher position on the page and lower costs.

We build our AdWords campaigns within your master account, giving you full administrative access, transparency, and control.

Campaign Setup and Execution
Go Live

Search Ads

We start with an initial consultation meeting to discuss your product/service, clients, industry, competition, and more

  • Ad Groups
  • Text Ad Development
  • Keywords
  • Landing Pages
  • Bid Optimization

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Display Ads and Remarketing

We will use a combination of the tactics below to best target your consumer.

  • Contextual Targeting : We show your ads exactly when the audience is consuming content contextually relevant to your product
  • Interest Categories : We reach your target audience, showing them relevant messages across the web
  • Remarketing : We bring your customers back! These customers have shown interest in your product, but did not convert. Best way to re-engage customer.

Build an Archive

Video Ads (YouTube)

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google itself. We will put your impactful video brand message in front of your ideal audience. Using YouTube's TruView ad format, you will only pay when a user views your video for 30 seconds, or to completion, whichever comes first.

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Campaign Management

Managing these campaigns takes a lot of time, something most business owners and marketers don't have. We're here to help. On a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, our optimization experts will manage and optimize your campaign, including but not limited to removing underperforming ads/keywords, testing new ads/keywords, adding negative keywords, and landing page optimization recommendations to improve quality score.

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How do you know if all of this is working? Don't worry - we provide monthly reports including valuable campaign metrics and results, as well as a summary of all the awesome optimizations and insights we have from the previous month. We will let you know which adgroups, ads, and keywords are performing the best, and what we are doing to deliver the most conversions.

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To complete the work outlined in the project scope, we'll need approximately 30 days to the going live date, depending on feedback at each milestone. We start our work immediately after signing the proposal.


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