Our goal is to influence the position and engagement that a web page receives for a keyword search.

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Successful e10 SEO involves using the right keywords and phrases your online visitors are typing in the search field to find what you are offering. Some keywords and phrases are a lot more competitive than others. At e10, we target the most popular keywords that help to boost your position, increase traffic and sales.

Our team creates optimized Title Tags, well written Meta Tag descriptions and keyword rich articles to help attract unique visitors.

How to create right keywords?

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Keyword Selection

  • Start by analyzing the keywords visitors are using now to find your site.
  • Identify similar keywords and concepts and their search volume.
  • Encode for any device

    Keywords must be based on:

  • Language that your customer use i.e they talk about when describing problem.
  • Related to Topic i.e your keyword must match to the topic that co-exist in top ranking pages.
  • Search volume and competition - do your visitors search for the words on Google.
  • Build an Archive

    How can you Identify Best Keywords?

  • Organize keywords into high-level topics around the services your company provides.
  • Find related concepts that map to customer questions.
  • Select the high intent keywords that will bring the right prospects to your website.
  • Identify keywords that are closely-related and their modifiers
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    Our SEO experts will maximize your ROI by increasing your ranking with right keywords and phrases that will produce the most profit for you.