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All of us wants our company website to rank at the top of search engines like google ,yahoo,or bing, but it’s not as easy as it seems. We use some unique link-building strategies and tactics that promote natural incoming traffic.

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How to determine the true value of a link ?

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Crawl Rate and Indexing Rate

By studying the crawling and indexing rate of a page we can have an indirect measure of its true value for link building. We also need to consider how frequently the page gets updated, as that is another factor search engines consider when determining how often to crawl and index.

In order to determine the crawl rate of a page we need to monitor the search engine cache. The date of the cache is the date the page was crawled.

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Determining the indexing rate of a page

Crawling is simply downloading pages, but indexing is a far more complex process that once upon a time took a full month to complete. It is fairly obvious to see on the SERPs that the process is an incremental one.

It is important to know when a page is indexed. In order to check when a page was indexed, we can do an advanced search using the date range filter.

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Putting it all together

Once you know these index, crawl, and update rates, you can determine the true value of the link by using some matrix.

This technique is definitely more practical with a tool to automate the process.

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