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The growth of mobile advertising has opened a new area for research. A better understanding of these issues is critical to the effective use of mobile advertising

Public attitudes toward advertising have been a focus of attention for a long time. Cell phone marketing takes several different forms as advertisers compete in this increasingly growing arena.

What factors affect mobile users’ attitude toward mobile advertising ?

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Personalization of mobile advertising can enable marketers to reach their potential customers in a very individual way and thus increase the relationship with the consumers.

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Mobile advertising can provide an array of information that confuses and distracts the recipient as well as overwhelms the consumer with information

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Advertising credibility is “consumers’ perception of the truthfulness and believability of advertising in general”

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One of the advertising goals is to inform audience about new products or new features of existing products, also make audience aware of changes in products’ price.

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Monetary benefit .

The main advantage of this approach is that the mobile users are provided with a tangible reason. Incentive based advertising is an approach that provides specific financial rewards to consumers who agree to receive ads into their mobile phones.


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