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We offer mobile search as one of our SEO strategy as mobile online usage has become increasingly widespread. We assure that our different strategies will lead you to be on first page within 90 days.

More companies are tailoring their website content to be more mobile-friendly, improving the experience for on-the-go internet users. Mobile search queries are typically done with simpler data results in mind, such as sports scores, rather than complex subject pages.

Improving Search Engine Visibility

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The strategy depends on:

  • The nature of the information the user is seeking;
  • The nature and the structure of the content repository;
  • The search tools available,
  • the user familiarity with the information and the terminology used in the repository,
  • and the ability of the user to use the search tools competently.
  • Encode for any device

    Strategies and Tools

  • A search engine is just a tool, among others, that can be exploited, within a strategy, to achieve a goal (perform a task)
  • New tools have emerged, and will be developed, to combine work in Human Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval
  • Exploratory search(Mobile Search) is the area where new tools will be developed mostly.
  • Build an Archive

    Information Overload

  • Internet means Information overload, i.e., the state of having too much information to make a decision or remain informed about a topic
  • Information retrieval technologies can assist a user to look up content if the user knows exactly what he is looking for (i.e. for lookup)
  • But to make a decision or remain informed about a topic you must perform an exploratory search (e.g., comparison, knowledge acquisition, product selection, etc.)
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