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that help you to make wiser decisions regarding your monetization strategy.

Monetization strategy relies on users’ appreciation of the Web content to a degree where they are voluntarily donating money to keep the service alive. The first monetization strategy focuses on the consumer of the Web of Data (WoD) data to finance the data publishers. In the second monetization strategy a third party, the sponsor, finances the data. We will help your core business to be defined by your vision, aims, market, know-how, competition etc.

In order to plan a successful monetization strategy you need to:

  • Clearly map value exchange(s)…
  • …across all stakeholders/ecosystem (*)
  • Test the correct parameters for sustainability / growth
  • A good pricing strategy

How can you devise new strategies to better monetize their growing digital audiences ?

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Defragmenting the consumer relationship

When it comes to accessing information, consumers have more choice than ever before. In the last five years alone, digital media platform penetration rates have nearly quadrupled. As the media platform saturation rates rise, so too does the functionality of the devices.

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Unlocking the key to monetization

When digital content first migrated online, many companies made the strategic decision to make much, if not all, of their content free to consumers. Online ad revenues are currently small compared to traditional advertising. Digital companies need to get creative, developing “value for money” models that entice consumers to pay for content.

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Packaging value for money

Unbundling is only one strategy in the monetization arsenal. Many companies are also creating pricing distribution models based on customized product bundles of differentiated content that consumers value enough to buy. A consortium of entertainment, software, hardware and retail companies — is developing a universal format that makes storing and using content easier.

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Making micropayments work

Microcontent leads to microtransactions, which require micropayments. Micropayments are the weak link in the micro ecosystem. To make the microcontent business model work, micropayment systems need to improve in three key areas: security, processing costs and ease of use.


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