Organic dominate website traffic.

Organic Search remains the dominant source of trackable web traffic and in the dominant position as a channel. Paid Search continues to grow. Organic Social Media is flat since 2014 at 5% but Organic Search is the channel that delivers the most traffic to web sites by a wide margin.

Organic search is at the focus of all efforts in SEO. Achieving this goal is becoming increasingly difficult in the face of strong competition. Moreover, Google changes its own algorithms regularly, so that search engine optimizers must respond quickly in order to retain ranking positions that were previously achieved in the organic search.

Organic results are the listings of websites based on the relevance of the search query with the content. It is also called natural search results. SEO plays an important role for those organic listings of the website

What can you do to optimize your business for organic search and rank high on search engines?

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Influencing one’s position in the organic search

To rank on search result page of search engine is the goal of SEO. To do so it requires time and work, and for organic search there is no guarantee that your website will rank on top position. But most of the search engine users prefer organic search results than paid ads.

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Ranking factors

Ranking in organic search can be divided in two section:

  • Off-page optimization
  • On-page optimization
  • Build an Archive

    Importance for SEO

    Organic search is the main focus in SEO. Due to the increased enrichment of organic search results with images, the Knowledge Graph and the orientation of the search query.


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