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What is Paid Search ?

Paid search—an increasingly important, popular, and uniquely contextual form of information interaction on the Web—has thus far attracted less interest

What is the dynamic process of Paid Search?

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Provider Content:

A set of keywords associated with concepts along with the associated URLs, titles, and descriptions;

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Provider Bids:

Bids for specified keywords that are a monetary valuation of traffic to a particular Web site;

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Search Engine Review Process:

A method to ensure that advertiser content is relevant to the targeted keyword;

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Search Engine Keyword and Content Index:

A mechanism that matches provider keywords to user queries;

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Search Engine User Interface:

An application for displaying provider content as links in rank order to a searcher; typically, the interface displays the sponsored links with nonsponsored links;

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Search Engine Tracking:

A means of matching keywords to queries, gathering provider content, handling bids, metering clicks, and charging providers based on searcher clicks on their displayed links;

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a person or agent that clicks on a sponsored link deemed to be relevant.

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