One of the Best Product Launch Company in Mumbai.

At e10, we start with your goals and plan from there. We work with you to structure a strategic launch or relaunch plan and implement the tactical steps that follow, establishing awareness for the product and building brand advocates to continue the momentum post launch.

Like a snowball rolling down a hill and gathering momentum, successful product launches attract attention and generate buzz long after the initial push. We view public relations as an integral part of a broader marketing strategy, and we work with you to coordinate efforts that position the product for long-term success.

The best product launches generate more than just leads or sales, they generate trust. Competition is more common, product life cycles are shorter and consumers are more demanding. Companies that not succeed to innovate new products face a hard future because winning with new products is not easy.

We have the experience and relationships is also necessary . Whether that means offering exclusive access to a top-tier media outlet for a thoughtful piece, or executing an embargo to allow for maximum impact, we do what it takes to get results.


Marketing Campaigns for Launches!