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What do you do when you are looking for information, a product or a service? Usually, you will type a term in a search engine and click through the results.
But think about it, would you ever go to page four? Most of us wouldn´t.

Therefore it is very important to be well ranked on the first page of a major search engine, like Google, Yahoo!, bing, etc. to attract the relevant audience, potential customers and increase organic traffic to your website.

We are Best SEO Company in Navi Mumbai. We are expert in getting more traffic to your site. Our team take efforts and makes promise to our clients that they can rank on their main keywords within 90 days.

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e10 is a top leading Digital Marketing agency in Navi Mumbai, India for businesses looking to expand within and beyond their local market. We’re committed to deliver services that yield the best results for your business. We are constantly exceeding expectations using strategies that significantly improve your online performance.

Why SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, means setting up your website to appear through online search results while ensuring that the SEO best practices are applied. All of us wants our company website to rank at the top of search engines like google ,yahoo,or bing, but it’s not as easy as it seems.

We ensure that our clients are the first name that pops up on the search engine whenever people are looking for anything related to their industry through our outstanding, pragmatic and result-oriented search engine optimization.

If you feel that you need to boost the ranking of your website, then we are here with a bunch of our services to help you.

About SEO:
What is Seo for You? We want to answer the question briefly.

For those who do not know, SEO = Search Engine Optimization consists of the initials of words and means “Search Engine Optimization ". If we want you to think that your website is in the top rankings of popular search engines like Yandex and Bing, especially Google in the desired key-target words. Here is seo; it can be a more profitable and profitable investment than having your shop on the busiest street. Seo is the way to stand out from your competitors, be visible, reach new customers and grow your company.

“SEO Consultancy” is the digital marketing activities that will be performed in order to improve the performance of the website of your business in search engines. Seo consultants have expertise in areas such as SEO, SEM and Growth Hacking. When needed, it can manage Google Adwords (Ads) and social media ads and make suggestions about content and software arrangements.

Site Technical SEO -- On-Page SEO includes site acceleration, some software interventions and all other on-site seo improvements. Check-up your site thoroughly, fix any errors

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Local Search

Local Search is about putting your small or local business on the map.When customer searches for the business nearby them, you should be easily available for them. Local Search is also known as Local Search Marketing for SEO.

The importance of local search and search engine optimization have increased tremendously due to the rise of mobile. Consumers are searching more than ever, and from more places than ever before.

Encode for any device

Analytics and Reporting

Reporting-Reporting is the act of translating raw data into information. Analytics-Analytics means to translate information collected from raw data and translate it into insights.

Analytics are now infused in many places where they never existed before. Demand for delivery of data and analytics at the optimal point of impact has drive innovative machine learning and predictive and prescriptive analytics integration from the core to the edge of the enterprise.

Build an Archive

Mobile Search

Mobile search is the practice of querying a search engine from an Internet-connected handheld device, such as a smart phone.

Mobile search queries are typically done with simpler data results in mind, such as sports scores, rather than complex subject pages.

With the increasing prevalence of online shopping and multi-channel retailers, consumers often turn to their mobile devices to search for product information.

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Keywords Analysis

Analyzing keywords of your website through which customers or visitors visited your website.

Our goal is to influence the position and engagement that a web page receives for a keyword search.

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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis is critical task where you have to identify your competitor and make different strategies to rank on first page.

The competitive analysis helps the design team and its clients position their product in the landscape of offerings.

It provide a baseline for understanding what strategy works and what doesn't.

Build Video Apps, Channels

Paid Search

Paid Search works on ppc(pay-per-click) where search engine allows advertisers to show ads on search engine results pages(SERPs).

Paid search provides brands with instant gratification of appearing at the top of Google.

Paid search has instant results that can generate traffic and income early in the launch phase.

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Link Building

In SEO, link building is done to increase ranking of the webpage. Link Building can be build by sharing inbound link to the webpages of website.

Natural or editorial link building : this is based on a similar logic to that of the impact factor of academic articles, whereby a high quality article is one that will be highly cited, thus establishing itself as an article of great authority.

Strategic link building : this is a proactive practice that requires direct contact between the website manager and the author of another site to which a link is requested.

White Label & API

Search Strategy

A search strategy is an arranged structure of key terms used to search a database.

The search strategy combines the key concepts of your search question in order to get exact results.

Build Video Apps, Channels

Organic Search

Search for your website with the exact keywords.

Organic search results appear as paginated lists, are based on rightness to the search terms, and debar advertisements.

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Reputation Management

Using Social Media to monitor Reputation of one or growth of one's business.

Reputation is like how many people do like your work, your strategy and what are thinking about.

White Label & API

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM)is one of the primary ways to get potential customers to visit their website.

SEM is highly customizable to target both specific guest interests, amenities, as well as seasonal or temporary content.

Monthly Packages With Ethical SEO



Monthly Plan
  • Keywords Optimization - 10
  • Pages to be Optimized - 5
  • Website Analysis
  • X
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Sitemap.xml creation & submission
  • X
  • Robots.txt creation
  • Article Writing - 1
  • Article Submission - 5
  • Social Bookmarking - 20
  • Classified Submission - 20
  • Image Linking - 5
  • Guest Blog writing - 1
  • Guest Blog Posting - 1
  • X
  • Monthly SEO Report


Monthly Plan
  • Keywords Optimization - 20
  • Pages to be Optimized - 10
  • Website Analysis
  • X
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Sitemap.xml creation & submission
  • Google Local Places Setup & Verification
  • Robots.txt creation
  • Article Writing - 2
  • Article Submission - 10
  • Social Bookmarking - 40
  • Classified Submission - 40
  • Image Linking - 10
  • Guest Blog writing - 2
  • Guest Blog Posting - 2
  • Blog & Forum Commenting - 5
  • Monthly SEO Report


Monthly Plan
  • Keywords Optimization - 40
  • Pages to be Optimized - 20
  • Website Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Sitemap.xml creation & submission
  • Google Local Places Setup & Verification
  • Robots.txt creation
  • Article Writing - 5
  • Article Submission - 20
  • Social Bookmarking - 80
  • Classified Submission - 80
  • Image Linking - 20
  • Guest Blog writing - 5
  • Guest Blog Posting - 5
  • Blog & Forum Commenting - 15
  • Monthly SEO Report

Why Choose Our TEAM To Work With YOU?

Our results speak for themselves, our team has recorded successful SEO campaigns. At e10, we provide SEO services that guarantee you more organic clicks to your website by increasing your ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), ultimately yielding a higher ROI. Our local SEO experts tailor all the SEO campaigns to your budget and business goals.