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Development & Testing

Development & Testing

e10 portfolio encompasses wide range of services, which serves solutions to every software need of your business.

We provides a wide range of services with each of the service able to cater to specific need and improve efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

Some of the services but not limited to are, Custom Software Development and Maintenance, Web Applications, eCommerce, Web Api solutions, Software Quality Testing and Testing Practices, Internet of Things (Iot) Development

Cloud Management

Cloud Management.

Your organization might be looking towards clouds and wondering how to leverage it, think no more. e10 is here to help you achieve this with best of results in very short period of time.

With our extensive expertise in Cloud Services across all major platforms e.g Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, e10 helps your bootstrap the services much quicker then before.

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Cross-Platform Services

Cross-Platform Services.

IoT is already here, all that seen around us are already smart, and getting smarter by day.

Anything from a wrist band to watch and from small cards to track your keys to large like car part assembler in factories.

IoT was possible since the ground work for it already done in past years, with a Cross-Platform Services like Web APIs.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation

Sure you may get some traffic from people stumbling upon your web site and maybe if you are lucky the search engines will put you into their index so you can show up if someone is willing to search 5, 10, or even a few hundred pages deep into the search engine results.

Our SEO strategies are made with keen focus on High ROI, Long Term Positioning and Targeted Traffic which fruits into higher sales, increased brand visibility for your business in comparatively low outlay.

All this is keeping the cost of implementation lower and preserving browser compatibility.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing.

Traditional methods of marketing are limited to TV, Radio, Newspapers and Journals/Press, all has their limitations.

With Digital Marketing the reach is limitless yet with rise of social media has ability to fine tune to specific targeted audiences and locations.

Your business needs to budget if you are don't already, to accommodate brand visibility and awareness, and to reach even that last one who stand in a corner.

Staffing Services

Staffing Services.

Human Resource is ever demanding and most challenging part of the business, not only to hire but also to bring loyalty,dedication, and sense of proud feeling among your team.

e10 offers various staffing services of which but not limited to are Permanent Staffing, Contract Staffing, HR Consulting, Contract To Hire and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).


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