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By using ‘Social Listening’, brands are able to monitor conversation relevant to their business which is taking place across social media, even where they are not directly involved. Social listening is the process of collecting data from social platforms and forums on a chosen topic. This could be a brand, an industry, or anything at all.

If you’re a B2C company then it’s a great way to hear what your customers are saying about your brand. For a B2B company, social listening can be great for competitive benchmarking as well.

Generally, you’re going to need a dedicated tool or platform to carry out social listening. Our e10 Analytics platform does everything you’ll need for social listening.


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Performance Measurement

Besides the fact that social listening allows you to measure and evaluate your Social Media Strategy, it also helps measure tactics for more short term campaigns.

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Brand Reputation

By actively using social listening your brand can successfully identify potentially harmful conversation and ameliorate the situation before it has a drastic impact on the reputation of your brand.

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Product Development

One of the greatest benefits of social listening is that you are able to receive customer feedback about your products, brand or industry.

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By measuring the volume of conversation about your brand and your competitors, you are able to benchmark your social media performance.


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