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Social media refers to online media that facilitates communication through the use of feedback engaging the users active in the generation and improvement of the content, it is opposed to the traditional media, which delivers content but doesn't allow the users to modify the content.

Social media advertising is a new version of corporate advertising which has been adopted as new techniques by many companies. Both two way communication and customized advertising are factors which maximize the effect of brand trust on customer’s perceptions.

Possessing all these outlined characteristic features and even more, Facebook therefore is a good example of a social media. Social media in general has been through some form of transformation over the past decade and since then the traditional media is gradually being replaced with social media networks. This innovation has led to increased social media marketing using various marketing practices and strategies leading to unlimited opportunities in digital marketing .

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Social Media Strategy

Strategy is an important aspect of social media planning.

Strategy also informs how and what you will analyse.

It is important that all these parameters are clearly established in your strategy, and that your strategy is in turn informed by the analytics you receive on your content and style of engagement

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Social ROI

In order to gain the support we need to expand our investment in social media.

ROI for something if we haven’t first established the R (return) or the I (investment).

Social Media make a powerful channel to connect with customers and develop a strong relationships with them.

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Social Listening

Social Media Listening is tracking the conversation of the customers or relevant to their business taking place across social media.

A good social listening team can filter, categorise and tag data, and provide perceptive analysis into the market and competitors to keep the company ahead of the curve.

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Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing builds meaningful relationships across all social media platforms.

Collaboratively plan campaigns from one unified view, connecting your marketing, service, and sales teams directly to your customers in real time.


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