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Social media marketing is marketing using online communities, social networks, blog marketing and more. It's the latest "buzz" in marketing. India is probably among the first proponents of social media marketing. These days, the organizational cause has replaced the social cause as companies seek to engage with their audience via the online platforms.

It is a clear misconception that social marketing is free. To have an effective social marketing program, you will need manpower to manage, research, post, and measure social media efforts.

What are Additional Social Media Marketing Opportunities ?

Go Live

QR codes

Use QR code at the tradeshow – visitors can scan the code which will take them to a landing page.

Encode for any device

Traditional blogging.

Create blog posts talking about the event. Ask questions of the audience – are they attending?

Build an Archive

Live blogging.

Try live blogging during the event to reach those who were unable to attend the event.

Share Video on Social

Take photos.

Take many photos and share on social networks that evening. Tag those you know.

Share Video on Social

Videotape relevant events.

If an employee is speaking at an event or sitting on a panel, video tape the session and share via social media outlets, like YouTube.

Share Video on Social

Ask for feedback.

Ask your audience what they thought? Ask to share their stories.


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