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Social Media Strategy is the fundamental tool for the managing social media activities. It's a compass that drives the company, or the Social Media consultant, on the way to one consistent and productive presence on the net and passes through 3 phases:

  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Actions
  • Social Media is the logical extension of what we have done for centuries, how to look for our fellows, join us in community according to interests, asking for references, finding work, collect shots, images and above all share.

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    The Analysis Phase

    For more specific in-depth analysis of platform Analytics there are professional tools of competitive analysis, among the most used there are Social-bakers and Social Analysis of Blogmeter. The brands of medium-large companies invest in Social Media activities Listening or a listening practice to interpret presence of a network brand and customer satisfaction.

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    The Strategy Phase

    The key element of the strategy are the objectives of the communication. To be able to be effective it is preferable to identify only one communication objective otherwise draw up a list of priorities. Once the objectives have been defined, the positioning for the company should be studied, or how it wants to be perceived by people. The market positioning once defined must not be modified, except for specific needs, and involves the definition of a tone of voice or style and personality. The presence must however be recognizable, flexible and stimulate confrontation.

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    The Tactical Phase

    The last phase is the operational phase through which they must be defined and carry out the tactics to bring the company into dialogue with his family reference publics. A series of actions to take into consideration are:
    - Knowledge of the "codes" of the various social platforms;
    - Respect the "protocol" on social networks and Netiquette;
    - Follow the dynamics of the "marketing funnel";
    - Develop a call-to-action;
    - Generate engagement


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