Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is an outcomes-based measurement tool that helps organisations to understand and quantify the social, environmental and economic value they are creating. Developed from traditional cost-benefit analysis and social accounting, SROI is a participative approach that is able to capture in monetised form the value of a wide range of outcomes, whether these already have a financial value or not. An SROI analysis produces a narrative of how an organisation creates and destroys value in the course of making change in the world, and a ratio that states how much social value (in INR) is created for every 1 INR of investment.

SROI was developed initially for use in the third sector. It has now been used by a range of public and third sector organisations of varying sizes.

What assets are required ?

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The organisation must have buy-in to the process at a senior level to ensure that the process is properly resource.

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If intending to follow through to develop the social return on investment calculation, it is useful to have some experience of using MS Excel and working with numbers.

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Working time

Staff time to complete an SROI analysis is variable, depending upon the quality of information the organisation already collects and the scope of the analysis.


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